Cheryl brought me this card home from Montengro, where she swam 5 kilometres every day, while I had a week off with the kids, and did a bit of canoeing, floating about rather than swimming in the sea, and walking my dogs.

While the spelling needs a bit of work, I think some good points are made.

Walter Carrington said in a talk he gave in 1973,

‘Avoid stimuli which cause your neck to stiffen.’

One of the conditions for the Alexander Technique to work seems to be the creation of empty space in your diary. It’s no use trying to apply it when you’re rushing around. Today is my last day of swimming teaching till September though I’ll still be giving Alexander Technique lessons, and always aiming to do less as the cornerstone for helping others.

But I’ll be keeping my postcard on the fridge to remind me of what I want  to do with  my 6 weeks off.

1. Man was born tired and needs to rest.

2. Love your bed as you love yourself.

3. Rest during the day so you can sleep at night.

4. Do not work, work kills.

5. If you see someone resting, help him.

6. Work as little as you can, and give what work you can to others.

7. In shade is salvation, no one died of rest.

8. Work brings illness, don’t die young.

9. If by chance you wish to work, sit and wait, and you will see, it will pass.

10. When you see others eating and drinking, move closer, if you see them working, move away. Don’t disturb them.